This work calls for the development of attention and for the integration of heart, mind and body.  It provides an opportunity to experience the wisdom of a great knowledge and a freedom from self-occupation.

There are definite and precisely given movements which are practiced with the music composed by Gurdjieff and Thomas de Hartmann or improvised. This work is done under the guidance of a Movements teacher and with a group of fellow searchers. They are not meant to be learnt or practiced alone. As in other forms of exploration, attention is the key to work in this form.

These Movements have a double aim. By requiring a quality of attention maintained on several parts at the same time, they help us to get out of the narrow circle of our automatism. And through a strict succession of attitudes, they lead us to a new possibility of thinking, feeling and action. If we could truly perceive their meaning and speak their language, the Movements would reveal to us another level of understanding.   Jeanne de Salzmann, The Reality of Being


Love everything that breathes.   Gurdjieff from All and Everything You dont love yourself enough, the Self that needs and wishes to emerge.  

Madame de Salzmann p 22 Heart Without Measure   


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