Dr. William Welch

Dr. Welch was the doctor who was with Gurdjieff when he died in Paris, October 29, 1949. 

He brought a clear perception and a rapier wit.  He saw us with our flaws and loved us.  He was amused by us, amazed by us and glad of us.

“Living for him was an unspeakable joy. Have we ever known anyone who so relished each event, large or small, each encounter with another?—and this despite, or perhaps because of an underlying skepticism and seriousness of mind that remained even in his laughter. He considered it an astonishing privilege to live, to think carefully about things, to be in touch with others. He never took life or his companions for granted.”

{from the eulogy written by Roger Lipsey at the service for Dr. Welch after his death}

We are lost in movement, movement of thought, feeling, sensation as well as physical movement.

            Quote from Dr. Welch

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