Photograph by Martha Henrickson

Louise Welch

Louise Welch demonstrated the possibility of wisdom and compassion and brought us hope that we might become responsible for our existence. 

Dr. William Welch and Louise Welch were part of the original group of about twenty people who bought the Gurdjieff Foundation building in New York City, and took an active part in groups, special presentations of the Gurdjieff ideas, and intensive weeks of study for many years. Along with Olga and Thomas de Hartmann, they introduced the Gurdjieff teaching to Canada in the early l950’s and have left flourishing groups in Toronto and Halifax. They worked together, bringing different strengths and talents, always with love for the possibility of presence. 

I have never felt or seen an effort of work that did not change the atmosphere.

 The question, Where is my attention now?” relates most intimately to the need to see and know who I am. I watch. I am looking for the truth. Am I this I” or that I”? Who am I really? How can I observe?

 There is a real difference between knowing and believing. This Work is not based on believing, but on working toward being open to what is higher. The higher possibilities are already in us, waiting, but we have not found the connection.

 We are members of one another.   Quotes from Louise Welch

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